Changing refresh/polling interval of Iris door/window sensor?

My Iris door/window sensors refresh/report temperature updates to the hub about every hour or so. I don’t ever use the temperature readings on these sensors and would like to reduce the battery usage of my many Iris sensors. Can I decrease the frequency of the refreshes?

SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor
model: 3320-L
manufacturer: CentraLite
endpointId: 01

There is a “checkInterval” option when I login to the hub but it doesn’t let me change this.

This is usually set with / by a configuration option in the Firmware of the ZigBee device.

To override this in SmartThings you need to install a custom Device Type handler and issue custom ZigBee config commands. Perhaps someone in the community has done it (there’s one for the SmartThings Centralite Outlet power reporting); but it’s not that likely.

So you’d have to study the ZigBee config clusters to understand what to modify. Fun… if you find that fun.

It is possible that the Device Type handler uses the “checkInterval” Attribute value and sends config to the Sensor. But that Attribute may be unused or used for something else.

Start by searching for the Device Type code… here…


I want to opposite… I would like to get updates every 1-5 minutes… is this possible?

What is the default temperature update interval?