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( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #81

Nest :eyes:

(Benji) #82

I do love the Sensative strips…

But they’re soooooo freaking expensive :frowning:

(Olivier) #83

And SO don’t last the 10 years they advertise. 1.5 year here on a non busy sensor…

(Benji) #84

That’s really disappointing.


Most of the reviews on these have been good, definitely longer than 1.5 years. Where were they installed?

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(Olivier) #86

Embedded in the lid of my “delivery box”, 2m away from my SmartThings hub, and probably on average opened twice a day…
I installed another one in the door of my bike shed 6 months ago. Hope it will last longer…

(Benji) #87

Were they exposed to cold temperatures?

(Olivier) #88

London. So cold, but rarely freezing


What does “embedded” mean in this context?

In particular, is there metal on either side of it?

One way to run down a sensor battery is to put it in a position where it has difficulty communicating so that messages have to be resent multiple times.

(Olivier) #90

Nope, just chiseled a 4mm deep groove for the strip, and 2mm in the other side for the magnet. Brave wood box otherwise, then solid wood front door, and the hub in a wood cupboard next to the door…

(Benji) #91

Ah, I know that feel, used to live in South London. You guys had a LOT of snow last year, might have been enough to end it much earlier than expected. Not sure how much snow you are expecting this year!

(David) #92

Hey look a bunch of new devices that will never see. lol They always talk about new hardware but then we never see them…

(Jimmy) #93

Yeah, this pic from CES 2015 threw some cold water on me. Chamberlain = MyQ (still not officially supported), Somfy (still not officially supported), August (just added a couple months ago, and only the Pro model with z-wave).


And Jawbone worked at the time that that picture was taken, but then was dropped about eight months later and doesn’t work anymore. :disappointed_relieved:


I bet a virtual $20 that that “works with nest“ only applies to the new platform which won’t run custom code. Because that’s been nest’s biggest concern in the past.

(Benji) #96

Either that or it’ll come in conjunction with Nest’s new developer platform that they seem to be gearing up for.

(jkp) #97

Coming February 2019! More options for power-on behavior with Philips Hue


Have you tried getting in touch with Sensative’s support? Sometimes a sensor will report 0% or 1% battery if there is a communication or configuration issue. So it’s worth checking with them if they can offer some direct troubleshooting. They’ve also been very flexible with the warranty coverage, at least for all of our US customers so far.


Not sure it helps but I installed a dozen of these 18 months ago and most still report 100% in SmartThings, with two reporting 75%. Only one, a door, is opened multiple times per day though.


Well, I was wrong.

The Zigbee Alliance’s big news about an industry liaison turned out to be the long-expected release of the Dot Dot 1.0 specification for dot dot over thread. And the liaison is the thread group.

Which, OK, in the long run might mean something but it’s not a typical CES type announcement. Just sayin’… :wink:

And besides, we all remember how well Zwave did with z/ip, right?