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Now that’s cool, but my wife would kill me if I bought that…

(jkp) #62

Chamberlain MyQ and Amazon are partnering to launch Key for Garage, an in-garage package delivery service for eligible Prime members.

(Jimmy) #63

The zwave alliance released a 2018 report during CES. I never realized so many alarm companies use z-wave.


They do for lighting, but they don’t for their security sensors. Something’s wrong with that number. It’s like ADT pulse. Or Xfinity. Z wave light switches, zigbee or proprietary sensors.

I read the report, and they do not source that number. I’m wondering if somebody misread the ADT pulse report graphic, which is included in a article that they do reference. That article says that 73% of new ADT customers also sign up for ADT pulse. But it’s still only 40% of their total customer base, and it doesn’t say whether the new customers are signing up for any Z wave devices, or whether they’re just getting smart bulbs or something.

Anyway, somebody will push back on that number, so we’ll see what comes out in the next week or so.

(DLee) #65

Same folks who showed the z-wave 700 chip at CES last year.

(Jimmy) #66

Does use a-wave sensors for its alarms?


Does use a-wave sensors for its alarms?

No. It operates with a number of different panels on a number of different frequencies, and some of those panels do have zwave radios, but they are only used for lighting, locks, and thermostats. The security sensors that trigger alarms are all either proprietary frequencies or zigbee.

For example, right now they are pushing their new image sensor:

This is a typical spec sheet for them. Only the devices specified as zwave are zwave.


Wouldn’t that only limit you to the spots you have a receptacle available?

(Jimmy) #69

it would, but some people prefer the cleaner look of no wall warts. Problem is there is no z-wave in-wall outlets where BOTH outlets are controllable.


This …

And with a USB port, not only the USB adapter, but the cable also … kind of a mess :slight_smile:

I still like my ZSE19, but power choices would be nice :wink:


These should start to appear with series 7. But maybe not until 2020.

(Jimmy) #72

Why does it depend on series 7? Size?


Yes.And the desire to compete with HomeKit-enabled options.

(Jimmy) #74

Somfy is coming out with their own zigbee enabled hub.

It also has an RTS radio, so I thought only new products would be zigbee enabled. Turns out they are also going to make their window covering motors in zigbee models. This may change my Ikea shades plans…


Zigbee 3.0 lets them work with the Phillips hue bridge or Amazon plus. Both are big markets, :sunglasses:

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or SmartThings :crossed_fingers:

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What unusual logo do you see in this pic?

Also new SmartThings devices


I guess if they’re not going to let us unlock doors with automations they need to bring out the keypad and the access fob. :wink:

(Jimmy) #80

Exactly my thoughts