CES 2016 this week!

Happening this week! I wish I were going, just to look at the latest gadgets. To keep on topic, here is a link to an article by CEPro, and they have a pdf guide to the home automation area.

On Friday Julie Jacobson from CEPro will host a panel about home automation that will include the CMO of SmartThings (what’s a CMO?).

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CMO = Chief Marketing Officer

@Ben / @jody.albritton / @slagle — will there be any keynotes we should look out to be watching like last years opening keynote with samsung ceo . . . if so will you have links in the community as to where we can keep up live :slight_smile:

This is one where it makes sense to mention @april

Here’s an article from CNET with a schedule of live keynotes. Looks like Samsung is today at 5 ET

I am excited about CES too, but let’s also keep in mind, not everything mentioned last year actually happened I did some research. For example, they mentioned official integration with the following devices that NEVER happened: Rachio, August locks, Somfy blinds and Chamberlain Garage Door openers. Hopefully Smartthings will only mention what they can deliver this year.


Interesting new product from Fibaro announced. Near field scanning tablet for gesture control. @JDRoberts you popped into my mind immediately on this one. Sounds a lot like how you use motion sensors for touch-less switches, except this could give you 6 actions instead of one (assuming it works).

Finally! a tag that is actually relevant to what I do! :slight_smile: Thanks @ben!

Samsung Press Conference is happening today! :slight_smile: It’s going to be exciting.


Listed on the linked pdf new Smartthings Z-Wave, ZigBee TV dongle?

Discussed at length here:

ah I see now. Was hoping it was something you could plug into older Samsung tvs to get it to work.

Lots of really cool stuff in that pdf though.

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@April - any links to the live feed ? :slight_smile:

@ben cheers

Presuming it will appear on here in an hour or so

20,000 developers working on SmartThings?!?! This thing better be bug free by the end of January!

Most likely they are including everyone user who has an API dev account in that number, as it was stated developer community I believe.

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That would make more sense! Also means I’m included in the number, so we’re screwed! Pretty cool the SmartThings dongle is free with the TV.