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(Jimmy) #101

I don’t really understand what all that means. To be honest, by the time they try to gain market share we’ll be lucky if both zigbee and zwave are still competing in the consumer space or are relegated to prosumer by WiFi and Bluetooth.


Do you know how long Zigbee and ZWave have been around? There’s very good reasons why they are used over WiFi and BT for home automation.

(Jimmy) #103

Yup. And I’m well aware of the reasons.

(MacTechGenius) #104

Any updates on the keypad? Not sure if i should stock up on the iris keypads before they disappear or wait for this

(Jimmy) #105

Haven’t heard anything. And probably too late for the iris keypads since Lowe’s pulled the inventory with the announcement of Iris shutting down.


Since the keypads are still used for Xfinity home and still manufactured by centralite, you may be able to find some from other sources.

Or wait a bit and see if centralite starts offering them through their own channels.