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CES Event and Conference Schedule - January 8-11, 2019



Z wave alliance will have a pretty big presence at CES 2019, with individual manufacturers like Aeotec and Greenwave having various “pods“ inside the Z wave exhibit space.

They are also moving the Z wave “experience house“ into the main exhibit space, which I expect means it will be smaller as well. They’ve chosen four “stories“ for the house this year, which are interesting:

The stories for the four areas of the home will focus on:

  • Outside - Never come home to a dark house/home away from home
  • Kitchen - Making life easier/comfort and convenience
  • Living Room - Keeping kids safe/security
  • Bedroom - Good morning/Good night - aging in place



The zigbee alliance doesn’t have its own exhibit space, but there will be lots of zigbee manufacturers there.

Official alliance representatives can be found at the Leedarson booth, which is interesting in itself.


Significant news and initiatives that will have an industry-wide impact will be announced by the Zigbee Alliance from CES in early January. These developments will continue to drive the evolution of the IoT in 2019:

  • An important new industry liaison that furthers the Zigbee Alliance’s vision to harmonize the IoT;
  • The addition of an exciting technology giant to the Zigbee Alliance Board of Directors that affirms Zigbee’s importance to the future of the smart home; and
  • Release of the Dotdot over Thread specification and announcement of the certification program.

I’m betting the “technology giant“ is Amazon, but that’s purely a guess.

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IBM Will have some interesting presentations on block chain, AI, and IT infrastructure, including a Tuesday keynote from Rometty on AI and trust.

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What with 700 series coming out, this could be interesting!

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Samsung official livestream links available in the following press release:

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The Ring products are interesting. It looks like they use Bluetooth LE and LoRa and require a separate Ring Beams hub/bridge.Why not just use z-wave and have the Ring Alarm be the hub?


I’ve responded to you in the thread on the device, but the short answer is I’m pretty sure this is coming out of the Mr. beams acquisition.

A friend sent me this, it cracked me up: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

what to expect from CES 2019:
And Cute Robots. :robot:


I wondered the EXACT same thing when I saw that, especially since the Ring ‘Alarm’ base station is quietly/seemingly gearing up to be a home automation hub with both ZigBee and Z-Wave…

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I don’t type. At all. I dictate. That’s why certain kinds of things are really hard for me to post. Either I can’t get the formatting right or the voice recognition software fights me on the spelling. But I can definitely talk. :wink:


That made me lol!

A little off-topic, but appropriate considering the recent announcement. Anyone remember this? It was the last time Lowe’s would appear committed to Iris.

This was from CES 2016. One of the VPs with Iris at the time took these for me.

Speaking of vaporware, those around Iris in 2016 surely remember this. At the same CES Lowe’s announced a strategic partnership with LG. ThinQ appliances would integrate fully into Iris starting with this washer and dryer. This integration was to be released in the second quarter of 2016 with kitchen appliances following soon after.

It never materialized… I have the washing machine to prove it! :slight_smile:

In 2017, Iris was not at CES. At all. It never returned.


Officially, Apple isn’t at CES.

Unofficially, they put up a 12 storey billboard right outside the Las Vegas convention hall…:wink:


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Brilliant adding HomeKit support. But as with all HomeKit announcements, don’t believe it until it’s live. https://www.macrumors.com/2019/01/07/brilliant-control-homekit-support/


Arlo Ultra and Pro 2 getting HomeKit support. The base for the Ultra can act as a smart home hub and will supposedly add zwave and zigbee support later in 2019 when their security system debuts.


Wonder if this is why the SmartThings ADT panel is being clearanced out

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Still not DIY, so who knows?

It has a camera and Geofencing, though, which definitely makes it an improvement.