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CES 2019 News


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New products from Aeotec. Tehy also announced they acquired POPP.

Keypad looks interesting

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Yay! More ‘products’ from Aeotec that will be perpetually “coming soon!” :stuck_out_tongue:


More TV manufacturers announcing that their android-based smart televisions will include integration with both Apple’s airplay and HomeKit (!).

LG, Vizio, and Sony are also adding HomeKit support to go along with it, making it simpler to include their TVs in routines alongside your smart home gadgets and other devices. Samsung has not made any promises to work nicely with HomeKit, so it might be the outlier.

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I added this feature to my dumb fridge a couple weeks ago for $20 (I stuck a multipurpose sensor in it) :slight_smile:

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There are also a bunch of new software features, including:

Man, all these new features and not a hint of ditching “hey/ok Google”. If they truly want the same adoption rate as Echo as opposed to just brute forcing their way in, they really need to drop that crap. Give it a name, make it one word wake, I maintain that it’s because ‘Alexa…’ feels way more natural that it became the first voice activated system to actually take off.

It’s not like we haven’t had voice recognition for decades, but the Echo was the only one to truly crack the market and I personally believe that’s because they designed it so that you didn’t feel like a complete dork using it and as a dork myself, I like Echo but I hate using the Google Home, even though it’s ironically significantly better at understanding you feeling more natural AFTER saying ‘hey/ok google’.


My guess, purely a guess but I speak as someone who has used a lot of voice recognition technology, is that Amazon had the advantage of starting from the hardware side. Their far field recognition was amazing, as I remarked at the time. But they built a box which was designed for voice recognition. So I suspect they could get away with just the name rather than putting the “hey” in front of it because they knew that their voice recognition would correctly grab the wake word. They didn’t have to build voice recognition that could be understand by a phone or a smart watch.

So I think that was their advantage: they were starting fresh without trying to fit it onto an existing piece of hardware,

And it showed. Then everybody else not only had to play catch-up, they had to deal with the limitations of their existing product lines.

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Darn lutron, no homekit support for the new fan controllers at this time

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Zooz/ @TheSmartestHouse have a new multi sensor, double plug and the Smarter Switch from CES 2018 is still around. The double plug has already passed zwave alliance approval, so I’d say it’s the closest to going on sale.


You know the experience of being the only real engineer in a presentation being made by the marketing people? Apparently Alexa does. :wink:

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Amazing! :smiley:

On another note, those wide/thin LCD panels though…

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The multi-siren looks interesting, just saw that the other day on @TheSmartestHouse. Not sure if I want to deal with C batteries though.


Would you rather see lithium batteries there like CR123A? Or alternative USB power?


How about a plug-in version? :smile: … won’t have to worry about batteries, LOL …

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You can make any sensor “plug-in” with just a little solder, 22 gauge alarm 2 strand wire and a proper DC AC Wall Adapter. I have done it to alot of my devices that burn through batteries. Getting ready to do my door locks this weekend!

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I’m not gonna lie, I kinda want this… an army of attack drones…