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Geofencing is kinda surprising for ADT. Although they only mention arming, not disarming.


I think this is the new ADT standard, because of customer demand, while still protecting themselves against liability. Automatically arming when you didn’t realize it could be an annoyance, but automatically disarming is a whole different function from ADT’s point of view.

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This looks nifty. Ring door peephole camera


Good for people in apartments if management approves them for the hallway. :sunglasses:

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Hmmm…the Other Wi-Fi lock mentioned in the article uses a solar panel to get around the battery life problem. I wonder if Schlage is going to do the same.

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The celebrities who’s privacy was grossly invaded by the iCloud hacks would like to disagree…


Yeah, Except those were human failing on the part of the victims, not technology hacks. The victims were sent individually targeted spear phishing emails ( back in 2014 before most people were really alert to that stuff) by someone pretending to be part of the Apple security team and they voluntarily turned over their IDs and passwords.

Definitely a crime, and the perpetrators were sentenced to prison eventually, and definitely awful for the people involved, but a con is different than a hack that takes advantage of a technical vulnerability. Or of a company (looking at Facebook) which intentionally sells customer data as part of its business model.

The thieves originally claimed that they had hacked iCloud, but those claims turned out not to be true. (Some of the pictures also turned out to be Photoshop fakes, and some of the people targeted don’t even use iPhones.)

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Bixby takes the reins…

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Oh sure but security is always only ever strong as the weakest link in the chain and if your security is bad (at the time no 2FA) then it doesn’t matter, the end result is always the same and that’s a loss of privacy. While essentially Apple is talking about something different in their tongue in cheek poke with their 12 story ad, it won’t matter to the end user how their data has used/compromised.

In short, Apple is in a glass house and probably shouldn’t be throwing stones…


Two factor authentication was available on iCloud at the time, but the victims chose not to use it.

Again, people just weren’t as aware at the time as they are now and even now many people opt not to use it.

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Is this the same feature as Gentle Wakeup? Love the built in ST feature but my bulbs are more digital steps vs an analog feel. Still works great for a more natural wake up period.

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Hue outdoor motion sensor

The sensor offers a detection range of 12 meters (39 feet) and an integrated dusk-to-dawn sensor to disable control while the sun is out. Expected availability in the U.S. begins in February at a cost of $49.95.


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