CES 2017 (general discussion thread)

Agreed. Great hardware. I spent a lot of time talking with them at CES, and they just don’t get it. They are part of the old guard where they expect people to just open up different apps for everything all the time. It’s completely closed…

If it would integrate, I would prob buy 5

They previously announced that they were working on a HomeKit version. So maybe they’re not hopeless. :wink:

Yeah, I think Apple has completely missed the boat and is to late to the party. Having to add a chip and the closed nature puts them at a severe disadvantage. Alexa and Google Home (especially Alexa) are the stars of the current home automation/smarthome buzz and momentum. Anyone that works with everything is going to have a part to play, which leaves Apple on the outside looking in.

Alexa was EVERYWHERE at CES…

Right, but I think homekit is dead… My opinion…But I think Apple is too late and missed their opportunity to make it relevant.

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Alexa was everywhere, but HomeKit was second:

Do you use Blue Iris? You can do that and use [DEPRECATED] [RELEASE] Blue Iris Fusion - Integrate SmartThings and Blue Iris!

Even with Blue Iris?

The Kuna / Maximus feed is “secret” (direct to their cloud) … so I doubt you can connect it to Blue Iris unless someone has hacked it.

Is it hackable? Well… not if they have properly secured the Camera… so I sorta hope not, but it would be convenient, so… Please hack it!!!


They do have some sort of Alexa integration. Otherwise see my post higher up of Ring coming out with the same light. And I think Bosch has one too.

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I can understand they want to maximize their opportunities for recurring revenue for the video storage / playback; but they could be a little more generous for the free plan.

And opening up an API for the Switch and Motion Sensor would be a really nice gesture.

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All you can do with Kina and Alexa is turn the light on or off, which seems pointless as most would have it set up for motion or from Sunset to Sunrise already.

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Do you have a link on this? Tried to find something and can’t find anything.

Post 38 above.

Thanks. Would like some good battery operated switches to avoid some of the more complex wiring or where no neutral.

It will definitely be good to have more choices. :sunglasses: You can see what’s currently available:

Also, as far as no neutral, the Lutron switches are hard to beat, so if that announced integration really is available by the end of February, it will open up a lot of options.

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I bought the deal posted a few months back and returned the unopened box at the local home depot. They can sniff their private cloud :smiley:

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Wow, a lot more options than I thought were out there. Will probably wait to see what happens with Lutron and maybe grab a remote if they go on sale in the mean time. When the minimote was on sale like every other day I couldn’t think of a use for them. Have to balance “buy it and they will come” vs “spend money on stuff that never gets opened” lol.

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$250 is expensive though.

So I saw some people mention Blue Iris. I currently have 10 security cameras (most INSTEON 720P, but a few new Amcrest ones which I’m going with going forward) and I use iSpy to do all the recording but iSpy hasn’t been the most stable and wigs out the video of my 2k camera all the time. Is Blue Iris better than iSpy? Any thoughts?

Great question, but not for this thread. :wink:

Please start a new topic for this question in Devices and Integrations and I’m sure you’ll get lots of responses when people see the topic title.