CentraLite Water Leak Sensor 3315-G Issues V2 Hub

Around the holidays I took advantage of the sale on getvera.com and picked up a 3 pack of Centralite Water Leak Sensors. I have a few of the older Iris branded versions (model 3315-L) of these that have saved me extra aggravation in the past with basement water and leaking faucet issues.
I received the new sensors and immediately paired one w/ my V2 hub. Everything paired normally and I placed it where I needed it. After I couple of days I checked on it and in the new app it reported as offline. I started playing w/ it, swapping batteries, pushing the button while inserting a new battery and nothing would wake the device up or make the onboard LED light up.
Checking the device in the IDE I noticed that about an hour after I paired the device it went offline. It looks like it also checked for a firmware update.
After emailing back and forth with CentraLite support they had me try another Device Hander when pairing the 2nd & 3rd sensor.
They also bricked around an hour after joining.

Centralite deemed them to be hardware defective and issued me an RMA.
I received 3 new sensors with the same 3315-G model number (although the packaging says 3315-C). I paired the fist one successfully and it paired using the Device Handler they had me install previously. You guessed it, after an hour or so the sensor was offline/unresponsive. I started thinking that because they all fail within around an hour of being joined something must be trying to update these and they fail in the process.
In the IDE you can see a newer firmware version available

  • Current Version: 0x00000064
  • Target Version: 0x1F075310
    I have Zigbee OTA Enabled on my V2 hub.
    I emailed CentraLite w/ my hunch that these devices were trying to update w/ Zigbee OTA enabled and that they were being bricked. I asked them how they’d like to proceed.
    They had me delete the Device Handler previously used and disable Zigbee OTA. Then pair another sensor. I checked back in on it a couple hours later and it was still online so I tested it and it still worked. I have since paired the 3rd sensor and it is also working now.

CentraLite stated they’ve tested this with a V3 hub and have no problems. As I stated I’m on a V2 hub. For the time being I will be leaving Zigbee OTA disabled. CentraLite says there’s not much they can do about it.
My support ticket w/ SmartThings support was underwhelming as well, with lots of useless suggestions about how to enable/disable Zigbee OTA (gee thanks) and a link to a support article about firmware updates. I requested my ticket be escalated so hopefully CentraLite and SmartThings can take a look into why these 3315-G sensors brick on a V2 hub.

Just thought I throw this out there in case anyone has any ideas or suggestions.

TLDR, but I think I got your message. Sounds like you have interference or range issues. What happens when you rejoin one of those next to the hub and leave it there for a few hours? How many Zigbee devices do you have? How many of those are Zigbee repeaters/routers?

I have 8 of those devices on my v2 hub.

You can’t rejoin the dead ones, or at least I’ve not been able to and CentraLite didn’t have any pointers on that either. I tried the reset process I found in the device instructions but that didn’t revive them either. I’ve tried all sorts of combos of pressing the button/inserting new batteries and get them to come alive again.
They were all paired in my 2nd floor office some ways away from the hub on the 1st floor but the first failed one I paired I did have next to the hub shortly after pairing, which is where it died.

Looking in the IDE I have 52 Zigbee devices:
17 SmartPower outlets
2 SmartPower Dimming Outlets
1 Arrival sensor
3 SmartSense Open/Closed Sensors
12 SmartSense Motion Sensors
2 SmartSense Multi Sensors
4 SmartSense Moisture Sensors
2 Homi Gas Detectors
3 King of Fans Zigbee Fan Controller
1 ZigBee Switch Power
1 Bosch Motion Detector
2 ZigBee RGB Bulbs
1 ZigBee RGBW Bulbs
1 SmartSense Button

The water leak sensors that I’ve never had problem with are CentraLite model 3315-S (current/target firmware 0x1F075310) and 3315-L (current/target firmware 0x1C005310.
The new ones I’ve been having problems with are 3315-G, Current Version: 0x00000064 | Target Version: 0x1F075310)

You definitely have enough repeaters/routers, but wow you have an issue I’ve not seen before. I’m mobile right now, but as soon as I get home I’ll look at what my firmware versions are. Stay tuned.

It turns out I have 11 water/leak sensors, but none of them are the 3315-G models. I literally have every derivative of 3315-something, but not G.

You got no LED acknowledgement when holding that reset button down and inserting the battery, or just inserting a battery? What happens when you hold that button down for about 30 seconds after reinserting, or just press and hold it for 30 seconds? Do you get the LED to light up if you just press the button once, 5, 7, or 10 times? I’ve done goofy button presses like that because some devices have undocumented button press sequences used for testing/resetting (like old PEQ devices).

No matter the combination of reset button/battery insertion I can’t get the LED to acknowledge. I’ve tried all the ways you suggested and then some. New batteries too, and I checked voltage on the batteries as well.

I’m waiting on an RMA for this dead sensor I have so anything anybody wants me to try let me know.

You can see in the device handler Groovy that the 3315-G is in there.
SmartThingsPublic/smartsense-moisture-sensor.groovy at master · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub

Lol, I was just looking there too. Please update your post as you figure this one out because I’m curious how this turns out. I’m helping my parents with more “smart stuff” for their home, and water/leak sensors like these are on my list.