Centralite contact sensor device handler

What device handler do I use for Centralite contact sensor, Zigbee device?
Mine are currently set as placeholder. And I don’t see a Zigbee contact/door sensor to use in ide.

Placeholder means it is using an Edge Driver. Open it in the app, click the 3 dots and tap Driver. That will show you which Edge driver it is using

Well I changed it to smartsense open/close sensor….
Still shows as edge…. In app…

yikes, you can’t change Edge Drivers in IDE

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Why would you want to go back to a DTH when thats going away?

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yes, forget about IDE at this point. You can’t edit anything with Placeholder from there. You want to use Edge drivers going forwardband you can only manage those in the app or CLI.

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I didn’t realize edge drivers are represented as “placeholder”. I went back to placeholder, but it ignored it anyway.