Fan control (UK)

Hi, anyone come across how to control fan switch? Is there a Zwave switch avail for EU market that designed for ceiling fan?

I haven’t seen any Wall switches.

Aeon Labs says their new zwave Nano dimmer ( an inwall micro Device) can be configured to control “select fan models.” While normally a light dimmer cannot be used for a fan because the physics are different (you will burn out either the switch or the motor), it looks like that specific model does have parameters you can set that will work with some, but not all, variable speed ceiling fans.

Fan control
Control your lights and control your ceiling fans. Nano Dimmer can be wired to turn select ceiling fans as powerful as 100 watts on and off, and control their speeds.

I would write to Vesternet tech-support who are generally very good and ask them about any specific fan model that you have in mind. Let us know what they say. :sunglasses:

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