Capability for Ring/Bells

Pretty silly to need a workaround for this, but I’m on an HTC one M8 and couldn’t get the authorization to show no matter what I did. So, using an old thread about runnign Smartthigns in Chrome, I was able to barely see the button, and now it is all added.

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I had this problem. It appears that there is a

at the bottom of the web page that is fixed and the button/link to confirm is hidden behind this
. Setting the text size on my phone (Edge 7) to the smallest setting allow enough of the page content to be display above the
to see a small portion of the confirm and touch it.

I’m sorry I didn’t do a screen grab.

Thanks. I’ll have to try that again. I even went into accessibility and selected jumbo fonts. It looks like while they have a mobile friendly auth site the bottom footer can cover up part of the mid-page content. Out of curiosity, what are the software versions (Android/Samsung specific) that are on your S6 Edge? I have the T-Mobile one and am going to make sure that it has all of the updates.

Thanks everyone!

My phone is an S7 Edge on Verizon. I’m using the latest software and the Chrome browser.

Just confirming, using a 5.5" Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, Windows 10 Mobile. Same behavior as described (OAuth consent page being mostly obscured by the bottom footer).

Also, you may have said elsewhere in this thread if you’re planning on it, but I would love if this capability would let me add my Ring Stick-up Cam, too. It’s basically a doorbell without the button. I was using it with IFTTT and a virtual motion detector for motion detection in my backyard, but IFTTT has been super slow lately. Would love it if SmartThings could see the Stick-Up Cam as a motion detector.

Ok, little update! I think I know why I was unable to reproduce it. Basically, I had authorized SmartThings once before, so from the Ring side I didn’t need to go through the permission screen again. So I was unable to see the problem. I did some digging and have provided some feedback to Ring. Hoping for a swift resolution!

Thank you for the feedback everyone! Apologies that things were smoother initially, but we do appreciate the feedback and reports.

As for the Ring Stick-up, I am not sure what the integration plans are currently. I imagine it would be through the same flow as the Ring and Ring Pro.

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Any plans for Ring integration for UK?

So, I shrunk my font size down to tiny on my S6 Edge and I could then click the ‘authorize’ button on the ring page. After that, I takes me to the Samsung Smartthings IDE login page, I login there and it’s just the normal IDE. No authorize action. I hit Ok, and it just starts me all over again. Done this 10x now, never works. Pretty pissed to be honest. So what am I doing wrong here?!?!?

loan a tablet from someone and authorize at the tablet, worked for me, got a Samung S6 and did it at the Samsung Tab 7

So I was able to get it working. I had to close all the apps on my phone and try again, then it worked. Weird. That said, I only see the motion sensor capability of the doorbell in the ‘things’ list. Should I be able to see the camera or button?

Also, like others have noted, the integration I REALLY want to see is the other way around, where from the Ring app I can unlock a door via smartthings.

No camera, yet.

In SmartApps such as Smart Lighting you will be able to see the device as a motion sensor and/or button. The device itself in the list just displays the motion sensor reading, not the button state as well.

Thank you very much for the info Benji!

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“can not see the authentication button”

iPad mini: no luck. iPhone SE; no luck. Finally tried the wife’s iPhone 6 and could connect.

Great start! I’ve been a user of both the Ring and Ring Pro products for a while, now. I was fortunate enough to be one of the early adopters of the Ring Pro-- I still have my bare-board doorbell chime kit installed in my mechanical bell. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I connected my Ring last week, and it authorized smoothly on a Nexus 6P. Thank you for getting that working well. The motion integrations seems overall very good. I had one small glitch yesterday: the Ring Pro was stuck in a Motion Detected state for a few hours. The next actual motion event seemed to restore it. Other than that, seems solid.

Feature Request!
I’d really like to be able to trigger the Rings’ video recording from within ST’s SHM. When I get a SHM alert, the first thing I do is go to the Live View on my front door’s Ring Pro, then check the Live View from the back door’s Ring Classic. I’d like to do those steps automatically and instantly (in case I can’t/don’t do it manually immediately).

tl;dr Allow SmartThings’ Smart Home Monitor to trigger the 40s automatic recording on my Ring and Ring Pro.

From the various wording of ST employees, that’s exactly what they’re planning on doing. i.e. SHM integration.

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Any plans for stick up cam support soon? Would love to add one to other areas and use it as a motion sensor that works in SmartThings.

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Following up on the missing authentication button when trying to add a ring doorbell. I just tried it and the authentication button is now showing up properly. The extra large footer that was hiding it for the past month is gone. Yippie!! I now have a doorbell on ST.


I agree with what others have already stated. Integration of the Ring Stick-Up Cam is also needed. The doorbell integration works great!!! :sunglasses:

See here: