Doorbell in UK

Has anyone connected a doorbell to Smartthings in the UK? I see some US based doorbells but I cannot find anything that will work with the UK Subset. Any ideas welcome as my doorbell broke and I would like to replace it with a “smart” one.

not exactly what you are asking but what I have done is using the multipurpose sensor when a vibration is detected (someone knocking for example) then my SONOS plays a doorbell sound…


That is genius Mark!!! I will try that till something like makes it to the UK

@tonywood I don’t know what your circuitry skills are like, but why not make one yourself?
I’m sure you could modify something like this Z-Wave Button Key or this panic button into a standard doorbell housing?

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The MIMOLITE hack seems like a good work around, you can even use it to do a lock release for like apartment blocks, im going to try it within the next month :slight_smile:

The ring doorbell does not yet integrate with SmartThings, no matter where you live.

All of the options in the community doorbell FAQ with the exception of number one (the video doorbells) should work for the UK as well as the US, you just might need to select, say, a relay on the correct frequency.

There’s even one device option in the FAQ which is only available for Europe.

And it does discuss different ways to hack your existing doorbell. So it’s probably worth a look:

Mark - which smartapp did you use to set up this action?

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Perhaps the Aeotec doorbell would work since it is z-wave.

The Aeotech doorbell should work, it’s a variation of their siren, as long as you can find one in the European frequency. Or find one at all. They were available in the US for a total of four days. A few community members have them but they were sold out by the time most people went to order. Not sure what the issue is. Aeotech makes a lot of zwave devices on both European and US frequencies. But every so often they put out a model that for some reason they seem to have manufacturing issues with. And it will be listed as in production, but no retailers will ever get it stock. Can be very frustrating.

Do you know how to get a device type fingerprint without actually owning it?

Youve managed to somehow quote me saying something i didnt say about a panic button or something hahaha - however no i wouldnt know how to do that sorry

I think my reply function is broken ^^


A few device manufacturers publish the fingerprint, but usually one has to buy the device, connect it to the network as an unspecified “thing,” and read the logs as it’s connecting to get the fingerprint.

That’s what I thought. Bummer. Maybe I can create a virtual one without needing the fingerprint.

I’m desperate to see if I can use it as a doorbell, but at the moment I can’t get the virtual device to work online

If it’s a device to anyone else is already using, there may be a published device type that has the fingerprint. You can look in the IDE or get help if it’s a device to anyone else is already using, it may be a published device type that has the fingerprint. You can look in the IDE or git hub.

Also try asking the following forum topic:

I’ve just dug up the manual for the panic button, it looks like to activate it, you need to hold it down.
Not ideal for a doorbell!

I can’t believe there isn’t just a single, physical button for Z-Wave

Hi @ghesp, There are zwave buttons that works to send an event to smarthings, you can do whatever with the event, you can send an alert to your smartphone, play a sound, tun on a lamp or a classic dorbell connected to an appliance switch, I dont know if those zwave buttons works with UK standard, but you can search something like there are other similar

I think this is half of the problem. These devices are US frequencies and not UK frequencies. I can’t find anything that acts as a push button anywhere (that can be run off batteries)

There are button devices coming from several manufacturers, but they are not here yet.

See the following topic:

I have a Aetoc Panic button which triggers a sonos speaker, it has been working quite well so far