Can't verbally turn off tv anymore

So I successfully got my harmony +echo+ST working. I changed something within my activities that won’t let me say alexa turn off the TV. Which I used to be able to do. Off or on. I have two main activities tv and Netflix. My Netflix changes the lights and room and then when I say turn off Netflix it goes back to tv and normal lights. I’m not sure where in the power settings I some how denied my TV to turn off by ST or echo now. I can switch on Netflix with ST but I can’t toggle the TV in ST.

I think Amazon took away the word TV from us. I noticed that last week. I just got the error boop , not even an actual response from " Alexa turn off TV" . The same switches that have worked for 2 years are dead, although still showing in ST and Alexa.

With new Harmony Alexa skill I now have to say " Alexa tell harmony to turn off the TV "

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Would that also affect it’s toggle within ST. It seems like that should still work. So what if I name it something different. It also won’t turn off with my routines. I think I messed with the power functions with an exit sequence I created to change back to normal tv and lights without having to turn one off and then the other on. So whatever I did now when I say alexa turn off Netflix it goes back to tv and normal lights instead of turning power off, like I want it to, but now I think something is not allowing me to turn off “the tv” by voice or toggle. I’m confused. But your info is good to know I’ll have to look into that

If not turning off with routines, than that is something different. Alexa will still turn it off when told to turn off the house. No effect at all when using ST routine. It only spits the error boop when I say " turn off the tv"

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When you change an activity in Harmony, it’s best for you to disable and re-enable the Harmony skill(s) in the Alexa app

Ya I was thinking of doing that

OK so actually can still turn on my TV by saying alexa turn on THE tv and it works fine including turning on the switch in ST. but now I can’t get it to turn off by voice or ST on/off. The end sequence is to turn off tv power but when I press the off it does nothing. Then if I press on it will just repeat the turn on and go to hdmi 1 sequence. So my turn on works fine but I can’t turn off

Is the problem because you have a device and an activity both called TV? I’d definitely change the activity name. If you say “Alexa, turn Netflix on” and everything switches on and then “Alexa, turn Netflix off” does everything switch off correctly?

Not sure what happened. Deleted my activities and re added them. I might have missed something but everything works great now. Alexa turn tv off/on alexa turn on netflix…Netflix and lights dim to red and blue in kitchen and a couple more activities with my xbox and pandora. Love it. Thanks though

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