Need assistance creating the Harmony "Power off" only activity

Continuing the discussion from Alexa + SmartThings + IFTTT + Harmony to turn TV on and off by voice:

Can you help me understand how to set up a harmony power activity with just an ending “power off” action as eluded to in this post. I don’t seem to understand how to achieve this.

How do you want to trigger it?

I have a switch tied to Harmony using the Harmony trigger app (on = a specific activity, off = power everything off).

You can actually skip IFTTT altogether now. But whether you go through IFTTT or direct through ST->Harmony, the “end activity” or “power off” is under the “start activity” menu.

Can you have the power off activity tied to just one specific activity or is it all decices off only?

Power off applies to all. You can set which devices go on or off with an activity change (this turns some on and some off). What are you trying to do?

I have lutron shades that Has its own activity, aside from the activity that turns on my entertainment devices. I also integrate with the amazon echo. I can open the shades with the harmony activity and close them too. I have a trigger in ST that can open the shades but i dont know jow to end that specific activity without turning everything off. Any ideas?

It sounds like you need to add your blind commands to your other activities within the Harmony app. You can add any device you want and have it set to on (or off). So switching to the activity, Harmony will turn on any necessary device and turn off any unnecessary ones. Keep in mind, you can add a device just so it’s kept on.

I do a similar thing. I added the additional devices to the Start and End activity settings.

Unfortunately ST doesn’t have the activity specific end actions. Could you create a new activity in Harmony specifically to close them?

Another is to use IFTTT as a middleman. The Harmony integration in IFTTT allows for activity specific end actions.

If I create an activity to close them will the oroginal activity stay turned in? Does it matter?

No, it won’t. You have to add the devices to each activity.

It’s my understanding that activities that only have home control devices don’t impact entertainment devices. So if you have an activity that just turns on some lights, you can initiate that while watching tv without it turning off the tv.

They do impact mine.

Only one activity can be active at a time.

No, I have multiple activities running at once. The home devices can run in tandem.

When you create an activity that only has home devices, there’s an option to leave entertainment devices as is, and it lets you run multiple. Only one entertainment activity can run at once though…

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I think we’re talking semantics. I have multiple activities running too, but not by the definition of an activity within Harmony. In my activities I tell which devices to turn on and which to turn off (so I leave the AV devices I want on). It works great.

Thanks. I integrated the functionality I needed into the AV activity.

I see what youre saying. Thanks to everyone, big help!

Hi, I guess this works fine with one of the “Smart Home” devices in the menu, but not with my non-smart IR device (curtain e-rod). So when I close the curtains, the TV turns off.
Is there a way to get my curtains IR activity to run at the same time as “Watch TV” ?

Hello Sticks18, I’m new here using Alexa and Harmony Hub… I Would like to know how did you Add a Fan in Home Control? Because when I try doesn’t show any options that I can use for this Device!! Take a look the print… Thanks

In your screenshot it doesn’t look like you’ve connected Harmony to your Smartthings hub. You need to do that first, so you have access to devices connected via Smartthings. Then you should be able to select your fan. Zwave and ZigBee fan devices usually look just like dimmable lights in Smartthings, so Harmony will see them as such. Just know that Harmony won’t necessarily know how to cycle between Low, Med, High speeds, so I used it for on/off only.