Can't uninstall Sonos (Connect) from app or IDE

I’m stuck in what feels like an uninstall loop!

If I click “uninstall” on Sonos (Connect) it seems to go through the motions with no error message - but is still listed in “My Apps”. If I try to uninstall from it errors out with “This SmartApp can’t be deleted at this time because it is installed by one or more users”.

So - decided to see if it would discover my Sonos devices etc - it did - but when I try to save it throws another error “Failed to save page: sonosDiscovery”. I seem to be stuck in a partial uninstall I think.

Anyone seen this before - don’t want to raise it to support if it’s a simple fix!

Some smartapp is using sonos. Remove smartapp first.

According to the app, there are no SmartApps using it …

In the
If you click on the sonos device. On the bottom it lists what it is used by.

Sorry - can’t find that - do you mean in In there I can “view details”, “edit properties” or click on the SmartApp name link - none of which show me devices.

I’m new to this so sorry if I’m missing the obvious!

Ckick here
Find sonos
Click on sonos

Thanks - however - there are no Sonos devices in that list.

Bottom of the table
In use by:
Some smartapp.
On your cellphone go in smartapp in use and remove sonos.
Then go to devices
Link above
And remove sonos.

Not sure what screen you’re talking about. In here, Sonos is not listed. There is no “in use by” label - is there a difference between V1 and V2? None of this is jiving with what I see online or in the app.

If it is not listed then sonos is not part of the system anymore. It just stuck in your cellphone app cashe.
Easiest will be delete smartings app and install it again.

Therein lies the point - it won’t delete/uninstall.

Delete app from PHONE.
not just sonos or items inside app…
And install it again. All info is stored in cloud.
When you login again it will download info from servers and you said that there is not sonos, hence it should dissappear too.

That didn’t work either - and now some of the other SmartApps are playing up - icons not downloading - not discovering assets - I’m thinking V2 isn’t stable.

contact smartthings support, they can check on you better from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time,
Monday through Friday.

Thanks for all your efforts Mike - very much appreciate that you were doing your best to help. I’ve contacted support and they’re taking a look.


Ok - I found out what my issue was, just before support engaged. I had set the location of the SmartApp to “Home” - once I unset it I could delete it. Sorry for the runaround.


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