How do you uninstall a smartapp?

Having trouble with an app and need to reinstall it but cant. It is no longer listed in SmartApps under MyHome however when I select remove within the app under marketplace< my apps it just goes back to the my apps main screen. If I try to remove it from IDE I get an error that the app is currently installed by a user and cant be removed. How do I remove an app?

Try IDE/My Locations/List SmartApps

Click the Edit link at top right of page. Scroll down to the app. Click “Uninstall” n

The app isnt listed where you have me go. But If I go to MY SMARTAPPS its listed there. As you can see on my device it is also listed under My Smart Apps in the market place on my phone.

So I went into the IDE and readded this smartapp as a new app. The app is now listed twice in my app and if I go into IDE and try to remove the old one it still errors saying a user has it installed currently.

I can now both versions listed in MY APPS on the phone. Very odd. I guess what ever I broke in the first one was automatically fixed when I added it back.

Oddly enough I still only have one TrendSetter listed in My Apps under my home. I am still unable to remove it from the IDE.

I am still unable to remove LOCK IT WHEN I LEAVE and UNLOCK WHEN I ARRIVE. It is no listed in My Apps under My Home, just under My apps in marketplace. When I try to remove it in IDE it errors out.


They were very responsive to the same problem I had last week. Fixed in under 24 hours.

Nice, thanks for the tip. I will give that a go.

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