Iris Smart Plug Zwave found but not Zigbee

I bought one of the Iris Smart Plugs and Smartthings was able to find the z wave device. It was not able to find the zigbee plug to add and be able to control the plug. I have downloaded the Iris device handler. I then plugged in the smart plug. I waited nearly 5 minutes and it never found anything. I then pressed the button on the front a couple times and it located the zwave device, but still nothing with the zigbee. Is there something I can do to try and get the zigbee portion to be found and connect? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

For the 3210-L model you can initiate the zigbee join process by unplugging the outlet, then depress the white button and hold it in while you reinsert the plug. Wait for the blue light to turn on and immediately release the white button. The zigbee device should be discovered in a few moments.

You will probably have to re-pair the Z-Wave repeater after doing this. You do not need to remove the plug from AC power; just rapidly depress and release the white button (eight times, as rapidly as you can count from 1 to 8). The blue light should begin flashing and it should be discovered by the hub.

Depending on the firmware level there may be alternate ways of initiating the pairing but I have found these methods to work on my newer and older plugs.


Thank you! That did it!

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