Can't test cloud-connected device using the lastest iOS SmartThings app

I remembered I was able to to test cloud-connected device(using webhook) before the last iOS SmartThings app update. However, I am not able to click “My Testing Devices” in the “Add device” page now.
I am pretty sure it’s not the problem from my code because even I roll back my code, I still can’t click it.

Thank you for any help!

Hi, @Hao_Xu

I’d recommend testing your integrations via Android. SmartThings development team keeps working to get this fixed.

Nice day.

Hi Erick,
Thanks for your quick reply.
I just tried to test via the Android App. For the first time, I saw “My Testing Devices” and I was able to click it and saw the authorization page of my own cloud. But after that, “My Testing Devices” dispeared…
Did I miss something?

Hi @Hao_Xu,

That’s not the common behavior, maybe what you have missed is a software update, also try enabling Developer Mode again.