Cannot open oauth login page

We had a working Cloud Connector previously. Now we needed a new connector for a different environment so I configured everything and deployed it to test. The environment is similar to the previous working environment but for some reason while I click on the new app from My Testing Device it doesn’t open the login page, instead it shows an error
Couldn’t add device: A network or server error occurred. Try again later.

Just to check I changed the oauth URLs to a different environment that is already working with smartthings. It also shows the same error.

What might be the issue? or is there any way I can see the logs?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Rustam_Niraula1 Wellcome to SmartThings Community

It appears to be a problem between SmartThings Cloud and your OAuth server.

If you received a requestId on your cloud or with your appId, I can track what happens. However, I will need the timestamp when it happens.

Because it may contain confidential information, please send an email to