Can't Remove SmartApp or Device Wemo

For some weird reason I cannot remove the SmartApp for the WeMo or a single Wemo Switch. I am able to remove other versions of the wemo smartapp and the associated switches but I have one version that I cannot remove.

I have tried updating the code in the api. I have tried removing the app via the iphone app. I have tried removing the app and device at But it keeps stating failed. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I had the same issue. I was able to remove it after taking the Wemo (it was an outlet, not a switch) out of every routine and smart app and then manually deleting it from the web interface.

Then I added it back and haven’t had any problems since!

Yeah I tried that too. Still failed. Sent an email to support. First contact couldn’t do it, so they are sending it up to an engineer.