How to Delete WeMo connect

I’m removing my WeMo from ST because it is just not consistent how they report or work, but I can’t figure out how to remove the Wemo Connect smart app. I’ve done “uninstall”, but it just sits there.

How do I remove it?

One of my biggest gripes about SmartThings… you first need to remove all of your Wemo devices from connect, but before you can do that you need to either delete all SmartApps that reference Wemo devices, or at least disassociate the wemo device from those apps. Then you can remove the devices from connect, and connect itself.

I did that, I’ve removed those devices but I don’t get a “uninstall”, where do i remove the wemo connect?

Do you see it in the IDE? If so, deleting it from there.

I’ve removed the devices from the IDE, the SmartApps don’t show up in the IDE correct? If they do, where?

Only if you created and published from there. If so, they’d be under 'My SmartApps".

Email us at so that we can request permission to take a look.

Thanks @Tyler I did.

Yeah, I was using the SmartThings Lab app for Wemo Connect.