2 WeMo connect Smart Apps when there should be one

I have four WeMo devices and for some reason I have two WeMo smart apps. one has the four devices and is correct it has the uninstall button. The other found one device but no name and no uninstall button. I need to remove this one that is not functioning. I tried to find it on the web page but I can only delete the good one. Also the good one while it is still working shows the top device as Bedroom when it should say Bedroom Outlet. Any ideas on how to remove the non working WeMo connect and change the Bedroom to Bedroom Outlet in the working WeMo connect?

In all honesty the wemo integration into Smartthings is poor. I’ve found it best to just use the Wemo and and not add them into Smartthings.

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Good news is on the horizon I can’t speak about it but you will like it very much. Not sure how far away but the solution is working great.

I’ve seen this, too. I’ve started buying Cree bulbs - way cheaper (buy at Home Depot), the bulbs work way better (they reset themselves after a power loss) and the support in Smartthings is a lot more solid.

My problem is fixed and working fine now. As I said good WeMo integration is coming in the near future.