Cannot remove smart app and cannot add WeMo devices

I have two WeMo smart apps. I want to delete one but the remove button isnt available. How can I remove the smart app then? There are no devices or other apps using the smart app I just cannot remove it.

Also on the smart app I want to keep it sees only two of 6 WeMo devices (it saw all of them prior but they were shown as offline so I had to remove them all). Imthe WeMo app sees and can control all of them so I k is this is a ST issue. Any workarounds?

FWIW I contacted support with several tickets since Nov 25 and have not gotten any real support.

Thanks looks like we are both having a tough go at it. Hopefully someone on this forum can assist our issues.

Actually the answer is in the thread, no I’m not having a tough go at it.