Cant Remove External Smartapp

So, every once in a while, one of my GE bulbs will stop working and I will find a new “thing” that is the bulb. Basically, the hub forgets it and re-pairs it as a new thing. So, when that happens, I have to go into the old thing and look at all of the smart apps, click them and then wherever I see the old thing checked, uncheck it and check the new thing.

The past few times, this has happened, I have been unable to remove “external” smart apps. IFTTT and Alexa are okay, but Smart Rules and Stringify have issues. I actually stopped using Smart Rules because of this.

I just started using Stringify this weekend and lost another GE bulb. I go into the Stringify app and remove the old device from wherever it is being used in flows and then go into configure the ST link in the Stringify app and go back through the process of authorizing it, removing the old thing and adding the new thing. Then, I removed the old thing from the Stringify list of things.

But, when I look at the Smart Apps for the old thing, it still shows that it is being used by Stringify. But, when I click it and look at what it is referencing, the old thing is not there.

With Smart Rules, the only solution was to delete the Smart Rules Smart App from ST (which deletes all my rules). There has to be a way to do this. Anyone have any ideas on what I am missing?

Thank you.

Hi Todd,

I don’t know exactly what is causing the issue on the ST side, but if you delete the Stringify App from ST and then re-authorize SmartThings through Stringify, all of your flows should still work (with the exception of the ones using the disappeared bulb).

-Kris @ Stringify