Problem with a light no longer taking commands

I have had 9 outside GE Wink lights connected to Smart Things. I had the following config.

Group – All Outside
Group - Front Lights
Group - Back Lights
SmartApp - Outside Dimmer
SmartApp - Dim to Dim

After a month of everything working perfect 1 of the 9 bulbs stopped working. The bulb still worked but Smarthings would not turn it off. I re-paired the bulb with a different name and it did not work. I had to delete the bulb. Before doing that you have to remove it from every configuration. And that really does not work. You have to keep adding it back and removing it in some of the smart apps until Smarthings lets you delete.

After 30 minutes of playing around I finally was able to remove the bulb and re-pair it to the system. Then I had to go back and add it to all the groups and Smartapps. I hope this does not happen once a month with other bulbs. I wish I could get it working once and never touch it again.

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Several people have reported this behavior with the GE links. For me, I have two and one drops occasionally. It may be because of weak zigbee mesh at least in my basement as I don’t have other zigbee powered devices there. Will put one of the powered ST gen 1 motion sensors there and see how it goes.

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The hub is 15 feet from this light and there are 2 lights 4 feet from this light that work. The only possible issue is the light is in a can in the ceiling on the front porch.

You don’t have to remove the bulb from ST. Just reset the bulb (3 seconds on, 3 seconds off until bulb dim) and try new device discovery with ST again. A lot of time it will add back to the old device in ST. Saving you all the trouble of deleting/setup.

Edit: you will see the bulb blinks when it’s added successfully but no new device found. This is a hint that it got added back to the old bulb.

I’ve had trouble with these bulbs also and I’ve posted details about my hardships [here][1]. They are truly a pain in the asthma. I know they are cheaper than most smart bulbs and know we know why. I recommend using light bulbs from the SmartThings compatibility list. I have not heard anyone complain about the bulb on this list. Even if you reset these GE bulbs, I guarantee that will stop responding again in the near future.

I did all that many times. The only way I could get it to work is to remove the bulb from the Smarthings. This takes a very long time. You have to remove and add over and over in Smarthings before it really goes away.

That is not good news. I think the Zigbee SIG screwed up. It does not make sense that a bulb that is paired goes away and it can not reconnect after a power cycle.