Can't remove any SmartApp (Server error 500)

Hi there, I cannot uninstall any SmartApps they all give errors. I tried from my phone, then tried from SmartApps in IDE, and then from My Locations > SmartApps > Edit and Uninstall.

If I try to remove CoRE, WebCORE, DSC Alarm, or Blue Iris, they all just say:

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Mon May 01 12:18:53 UTC 2017

When I go to My Locations > SmartApps > Edit, none of those apps show there, only CoRE did (with some others I want to keep). I uninstalled CoRE from there, but it still is under SmartApps and didn’t do anything. If I try to uninstall anything from my phone it just says Error Occurred or something like that, and if I try on my PC in IDE I get that Server error 500?

More than likely, you have something using the app. You should un-assign the devices that are associated with the apps before uninstalling them.

I somehow got it working (figures since I posted!), I just had to uninstall the SmartApps but in random orders. Like DSC Alarm had 2 smartapps, I could only remove the 2nd one, then the 1st wouldn’t work but I could remove WebCore, then the 1st DSC Alarm one would work etc. Finally got rid of them all thanks!

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Sounds like the same thing. Uninstalling apps that install devices removes the devices which enables you to uninstall the app that was using the device.

Be sure you are in the right place.

IDE, click Location, click Home, should prompt you to re-login, then Smart Apps. Try only installing one at a time. When dealing with webCoRE, you must install the main app first, then the piston app.

I have found that if the parent app has a child app you have to remove the child app 1st or you get the 500 error, Once all childs are removed you should be good to go. This is just from my experience.

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