Can't open device options for SmartTag when using ST on my tablet - SmartThings

Hi all,

I have a strange problem when using SmartThings on my tablet (Samsung S6 Lite)

I am able to add my SmartTag but cannot access device options window, the one in which you can assign button functionality and check battery status.
The third picture you can see in this article to make it clear:

To be more precise, I am able to access device options window but ONLY the very first time when I add my SmartTag. After that, whenever I tap on the SmartTag in “Devices”, it seems to register but nothing happens

The other functions (edit/find my device/move to another room) work

I have tried with my phone (Samsung S21FE) and device options window is accessible without any issue.

Another weird thing I noticed is: if I add to home screen my SmartTag (Smart Things / Devices / tap and hold on SmartTag icon / Edit / Add to Homescreen) and I tap on it to open, a window seems to open but immediately halts and returns to Android home screen. Again on my phone instead it works as expected (SmartThings app opens focused on the SmartTag device option window)

I have cleared cache/data/uninstalled-reinstalled app/restarted/removed-readded tag but still I can’t make it work.
I am using latest SmartThings version (

Any idea on what could I try to fix this issue?

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