Cannot do a web login

When I request a password reset, nothing appears in my e-mail account. Yes, checked spam and deleted folder. Tried twice. Going to:

and choosing “smarthings account”. Had the account for a few years now.

Have the newer smartthings app on my android phone and that is working, but I’m having issues lights going on and off automatically and cannot figure out why so wanted to check the logging.

are you able to login at

To the best of my knowledge, I never created a samsung account.

If you only had an ST account and never migrated to a Samsung account - then ST began disabling ST accounts on Monday evening

So create a Samsung account on the same email address?

I would recommend contacting ST support first because they may need to migrate your data. If you are in a region where you can call, I would suggest doing that as it may be quicker than email. A user reported a few days ago that it could take up to a week to migrate your old data to a Samsung account.

But if you are using the new app - you should have a Samsung account. Any chance you have it set to your google account for login? try just in case.

Thanks. I did migrate to the new app a few days before the deadline. Will progress as suggested.

one last thing… you are choosing to sign in with a samsung account and not with the smartthings account option?

Well I asked for a password reset for the samsung account and got in. Thanks. I mainly did not go down this path because I don’t like providing personal private information. In this case, the birth date. Smarthings account never asked for it.