Can't get WeMo LED to connect

Serial number of the Bulb are F7C033AUB22

Have followed all of the smartthings instructions on;

  1. Resetting the globe
  2. How to link to smartthings hub

I can’t get it to work, despite confirming that the globe is meant to be compatible

Am I doing something wrong?



Answering question myself for anyone else new to Smartthings with WEMO light bulbs.

You need to install the “Smartthings Classic” app and use that to install the WEMO LED bulbs. :grin:

Once you’ve linked the device with the hub, you’re now free to use the newer Smartthings app to control the device.

BTW, I have found it useful to install the Smartthings app on my wifes and my mobiles, to act as controls, and to install the Smartthings Classic app on my tablet to manage the programming.

The classic app has so many more options when it comes to SmartApps - these do not show in the new Smartthings app.

just be aware that the Classic app is in the process of being phased out by the end of this year

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Hey @jkp

Yes, so I believe - which I think is a big mistake if the new Smartthings app does not meet the gaps with classic like for like.

But for now, my WEMO bulbs are live and fully functional on the new app. I just needed Smartthings Classic to add them…



Question: are your WeMo devices still operating correctly? How did you get around WeMo’s new account authentication requirements (which are no longer optional). I can’t find any way in the ST legacy app to authenticate my WeMo account, so all my WeMo devices are offline in ST (good thing I have HomeKit and Alexa to bridge the gap).

You need to use the integration through the new app

I have a Wemo plug that used to work in classic but I can’t get it to work in the new app. Where exactly do I find the Wemo connect smart app in the new smart things app?

Click on + (plus) in the upper right of the screen on the main dashboard, select smartapp, choose by brand tab at the top and select belkin wemo

But I must admit, I phased out my Wemo about a montH after their new cloud accounts. They became too unstable for me.

By “integration” do you mean, Devices > + > Add Device > By Brand > WeMo (Belkin)? I do that, I pick the hub and room, then I tap Continue. After that it spins its wheel for a while until it hits about 80%, and then I get this gem…

I think I need to authenticate my WeMo account through ST before it will allow access.

Well, I did say I got rid of mine. They became too flakey. But I did use them for a month or so after Wemo made their changes. Maybe things have changed. :frowning:

The Wemo switch was not fun. The first account I created did not find my Wemo devices. So they recommend I create another account using a new email address. That discovered my devices and at that time. I added them back to ST with the new app.

Yeah, in late July/early Aug authentication was no longer optional. They require a login through the WeMo app to grant access now. Worked fine through IFTTT, HomeKit, and Amazon Echo. ST seems to be behind the curve on this one. Thanks for your assist though. Oh, I also added a bridge for mine, which makes them more stable.

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Same thing here. I haven’t gone into the Wemo app in years. Just updated my credentials with them, and I can control my Wemo plug just fine in the WeMo app. But no more integration with ST I guess.

I can’t convince myself to throw it away just yet. If I can still use it with the Wemo app, maybe I’ll find a use for it someday.