Fibaro Dimmer 2 Parameters Update

I appear to be having issues with updating the parameters on my Fibaro 2 Dimmer. The first works fine and this is what I see in the events list.

However, the second when I update the parameters it doesn’t look like it wants to update. I need to update the parameters as it’s currently set to momentary switch and I need to get it to toggle, but it won’t push them to the dimmer.

Any suggestions?

I’ve tried both ways. When I update the living room in the app it goes orange and works perfectly. Bedroom the app doesn’t go orange and the settings don’t change.

I am using this one:

[RELEASE] Fibaro Dimmer 2 (US) It worked fine for the first Fibaro I set up.

That seems to have got it, interesting. I wonder why the other device handler works perfectly for my other light.

Yeah, can’t believe I didn’t think about it before. Both dimmers are the same firmware version, I checked that and I also tried moving the hub (required a lot of trailing ehternet cables around the house) closer and removing the dimmer from the network.

Problem solved at least, thank you! Plus the new device handler has more useful features. Awkwardly I had already got amazon to send me a replacement. Now, do I return the replacement or hook up another set of lights and hope that they charge me the lower price that I bought it at and not the latest price. Hmmmmm…