Webcore and motion sensor

I am trying to build a piston with my motion sensor. I can’t figure out how to select the motion sensor. It shows in my Smarthings as Front Motion. When I use Webcore under physical devices it’s not shown. So how do you address a motion sensor?

Just to make sure, did you goto webcore app on smartthings class app, then into settings -> available devices, and add this motion sensor?


Also, if you have done that a hard refresh may help. Hold Ctrl while clicking refresh.

It’s not showing in settings to add it.

You need to go to:

  • SmartApps (in the SmartThings Classic App)
  • Choose webCoRE
  • Choose Settings
  • Select Available Devices
    – proceed through the menu(s) to add it so it is available

When you go back to create your piston in webCoRE it will be available for you to choose.