Can't Control Lights or Switches

Came home from dinner and I can’t turn lights on or off based on motion, using a minimote, or from the ST app. The only way that works is talking to Alexa.


Same here. Started about an hour ago I guess?

Down on.shard one. Came home from dinner. All dead. Rebooting network now

Yeah, appears I’m in the same boat. Ran Goodnight and only harmony responded?

I’m down too… thought it was my mesh since I was moving some items and removing items and doing z-wave repairs… Maybe I overloaded the system :smiley:

I rebooted my V1 hub but, nothing changed.

Everyone create a support ticket so they know it’s broke!


I’m totally down as well.

This is getting really sad. I want to love my Smartthings so much and I’m a realllly patient person. But this is getting rediculous.


Concur, hosed here as well. Back to manual switches. Huh. Novel concepts.

And, now Alexa doesn’t work, either.

I created a ticket before posting here.

Sent in a ticket also, laundry room is dark lol

The page isn’t working

The app is totally down as well.


cant login on website everything is completely down

thats great though because status is listed as everything is operational lmao

Down for me as well. No device control and Hub Management website not loading ( Dec. 10, 2016 @ 7:54 PM (PST)

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be happy then alexa doesnt work for me

Submitting tickets still works!

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Me too. sigh.