Can't control Devices

Beginning yesterday morning, I couldn’t control any devices, z-wave or zigbee, through the app or Google. The app shows all active devices are online except three z wave locks.If I try to turn on a device, I get a spinning wheel around the power button for about 15 seconds but the device stays off. The same thing happens if I try to turn it off after manually turning it on. The device status, on or off, is always correct.

As for the three locks, I can watch the app, lock or unlock a lock and it immediately comes online but I can’t control it.

Throughout the day yesterday, my devices started becoming controllable with the last device about 9PM. This morning is a repeat of yesterday. Rebooting the hub has no effect.

I did a support ticket yesterday but no response yet. Any ideas?

Which hub do you have? By reboot, do you mean reboot through IDE? Have you tried powering it off for several minutes and removing batteries if a v2 hub?

Also, try signing out of the ST app and signing back in.

V3. rebooted pulling the power cord and later through the IDE.

Using ethernet or wireless on the hub?

ethernet connection.

Odd thing was devices started becoming controllable throughout the day yesterday and had been working perfectly for months.

Yes, very strange plus the fact you are experiencing it today. Hopefully support can help you resolve it.

No response yet.