Can't add any deviced

Ever since I’ve upgraded to the v2 hub I’ve had nothing but problems with all my devices. Most of the time I can’t get anything to add to my hub and when I do it either comes up as with the name “Thing” in my things list or it just stops responding all together when it does get added. I’ve recently just got 2 new multipurpose sensor and a motion sensor and have yet to get them all to connect or stay responsive.

With all the problems I’m getting ready to look into another home automation system and leave smart things all together.

Where is your hub located with respect to your WiFi Router? What kind of devices are you connecting - ZWave or Zigbee.?
If your SmartThings hub is within 3-4 feet of your WiFi Router (which a lot of people tend to do) then you may have issues connecting your Zigbee devices. Try to get a long ethernet cable and move the router atleast 10-12 feet away and try again.

Also ensure that you properly reset your Zigbee devices before trying to connect them again to the hub. Refer to the device manual to determine how to reset the device.

If this is not the issue or if it did not help then is the best place.

My hub is in another room away from my router. Right now everything shows as inactive inside of the smart things app so when I open/close a door it don’t scene it.