Cannot seem to find TV in app

Hello. I have just gotten hold of a KS9505 at home (Norway) and I am currently running an UK hub to integrate som lights and a motion sensor (more to come) in my apartment. I was very keen on getting the TV integrated so that I can automate settings and stuff, but when I am trying to find my TV in the app I have absolutely no success. It can search for quite some time but it always ends up finding nothing. I have the TV connected by cable to a switch which is then connected to a router where the smartthings hub is connected as well by cable. This shouldn’t be a problem as far as I know.
Any tips? Any settings I have forgotten, wrong network hierarchy etc.
Hope you can help!


I think only specific US type TV’s are being supported.

Oh, that’s a bummer. Weird that the option is available in the app when
country is set to UK then.