Cannot pair Schlage Camelot touchscreen lock!

My lock worked fine with wink and I am trying to get everything moved over to smart things but cannot get it paired! I looked in the forums and tried a lock reset, an app reset, putting hub right next to lock, etc. nothing has worked and I keep getting the red X on the lock. I’ve also looked in the IDE events and it doesn’t seem to be showing up. I’ve seen people talk about handlers but I don’t understand what to do there. Any advice would be appreciated. If this doesn’t work I’ll have to reconnect the wink but don’t want to. HELP!

Are you putting the hub in inclusion mode first before entering the programming code + 0 on the lock?

Here is the best recommendation…

  1. Reset your lock to factory defaults
  2. Reboot your hub
  3. Bring your lock within 5ft of the hub
  4. Exclude your lock
  5. Pair your lock

When excluding or pairing the lock, start the process from the ST app, then enter the programming code + 0 from the lock

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I had the same issue for days. I was a wink user and migrating over to smartthings. The lock was removed from wink before attempting pairing to smartthings but it always fail the pairing process. I even contacted the tech support. At first they said the early model of Schlage Camelot I have BE469WK is not officially supported, but I did some search in the community forum and found that people have been able to pair this model with smartthings. Today I tried removing the lock from smartthings and then did a factory reset on the lock first, then add the lock in smartthings before programming any user code or function on the lock. Now smartthings finally recognize it and it functions normally. I then program in the user codes and such and it perform just like what it used to be on wink. Hope this info helps.

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Thank you it was the exclusion that was making it not work. Took me a minute to figure out where exactly to go for it but once it was excluded it paired right away.

I was able to get it paired and lock and unlock it in the app but where do you go to add codes?

Not through the app. You can do it through the lock’s keypad. The steps are described in the lock’s user manual.

FYI- snooping around more I found an app within the app in the home screen and smart apps. It’s called guest access and it lets you remotely add/delete codes.

This depends on the region you are located. There is a smartapp call smart lock guest access that can be installed that allows a user to control users and lock codes. The very basic tasks.

There is also a smartapp from @rboy that works in all regions and offer many options for users.


Custom device handlers allow you to access advance features for your lock such as the built in alarms, auto lock and other features and also fixes bugs and provides workarounds for firmware defects. Here’s a device handler which allows you to do that:

Also check out this topic which is a great starting like for new SmartThings users who’re migrating their devices over from wink