Cannot get Zemismart 2-gang wall switch to work

Hi all,

I’ve install a zemismart 2-gang wall switch/dimmer today, but can’t get it to work in smartthings. What i’ve done so far:

  • Installed the wall switch (ofcourse :slight_smile:)
  • Connected the wall switch to smartthings (had to use the classic app). And this works i can turn on/off the first of the two gangs.
  • Added the device handler and smartapp from this link ( This says its for the us model and i have the eu model, but i reckoned it’s only a difference in form factor so it should use the same code, right?
  • Added two simulated switches (one normal and one dimmer)
  • Added the smartapp in the samsung smartthings app on my Phone and cofigured it to use the two simulated switches.

I see the simulated switches in the smartthings app and can turn them on and off, but the lights stay off.
I’m new to all of this, so i’m probably doing it wrong, but i can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong. Any help would be much apreciated.

I am using these DTHs below, but mine doesn’t have dimmer:
Main :
Child :

You probably will need to add fingerprints of your device to make it work.

This version doesn’t need smartapp.

In my case the problem was the endpoints.

The original script was designed to work with endpoints 0x10 and 0x11 while this new version identifies the first endpoint and increment 1 to it.

Once you have added the DTHs and fingerprints, pair your device again and it will be automatically identified as “ZigBee Smart Switch” (one device for each gang)

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Thanks for the reply, i’ve added both device handlers and the fingerprint of my device was allready in it.

But when i change the type of my device to this one (main) it doesn’t save. it just shows a blank page and when i refresh the page or go back the old type is still in there.

Also, do i change the type of the virtual switches to the child device handler? or do i not need virtual switches with this?

Remove both devices and repair it.

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Thanks, that worked. I’ve deleted the devices and added them again, and now it found two switches right away wich i can controll seperately.
All I have to do now is find a way to make them dimmable

Can you attach a picture of your device?

This is mine:

I think it isn’t dimmable.

That seems like the same one, this is mine:

On the website is says on/off/dimm under touchcontrol

I added controlTile in the DTHs to dim lights, but the device doesn’t respond correctly to commands.

Or I am not doing it right. If you find something to make it work properly, please let me know.

I have used the DTHs from @w35l3y and noticed a problem. At first, after adding DTHs and editing fingerprint, the smartthings app will find 3 things : Zigbee Smart Switch, 2 and 3, in which the first one has the type “Zemismart ZigBee Smart Switch” and other two are Child. However, only the first one and the 2nd are assigned to the 2 gang but the 3rd isn’t (it’s just not responded). But the issue is when I turn the 2nd (Child) off or on, the 1st does the same thing, while if I turn the 1st (Parent) on or off, it doesn’t affect the 2nd one. Can you explain this behavior and how can I fix it? This is my Zemismart switch

Adding 3 devices is the default behavior when its fingerprint isn’t recognizable. So the DTH can be used in most cases.
If your device only have 2 gangs, just remove the third one.
If this DTH worked for you, please consider adding more specific fingerprint so it can show up only 2 devices.

The other problem mentioned is a limitation of the device. From time to time, it sends “on/off: 1” message to be parsed and converted into event. But this message doesn’t tell me exactly the corresponding gang. So the DTH recognize it as being the first gang.
I haven’t tested parsing by ignoring this message.

If you encounter a way to fix it, please let me know.

This is the function that returns the number of gangs based on the model of the device.

  • Can we create and assign a distinguished number value to the parent and the child, then combine with the “on/off: 1” as a condition to tell which gang to take action?
  • Can we somehow update the status of the physical light switch gang back to know which one is pressed? Because if i use smartthings app to turn on the Child switch, both gang turn on in the app, but only the Child gang of the wall switch is on, the other is unchanged.

Not that I know of, for both questions.

They all have unique device network IDs, but nothing is available when parsing the message.

I only receive “on/off: 0” and “on/off: 1”… nothing else.

I don’t know whether there is any way to modify these responses.

Ok i get it. So the only solution for now is to either get a tuya zigbee hub or get a wifi switch instead right?

No, I don’t mind about this inconsistent state because it’s temporary.
After a minute or so, the state updates correctly.

Hi, First of all I wanted to thank you for the information in your post, but I had some doubts.
I managed to get the DH on the link you provided and install it on Smartthings, but I am not able to understand this part of the fingerprints of my device to make it work.
Can you please explain this issue to me better?
I wanted to know where to find my HUB’s fingerprint information and where to put it.

edited ok…

Mine is like this

@w35l3y can you give me some help? Do you work for a organization , or there’s another way to create device handler projects without a organization?

I don’t work for any organization related to residential automation. I am a curious programmer.
You may use the old IDE with Groovy, but it will publish DH only to you.