Cannot control Somfy shades via Scenes or Routines

@Brad_ST I have successfully installed the Somfy 1811265 Z-Wave interface, created a virtual node and can control the shades from the device page in the Classic app. The open, close and stop functions operate properly. When adding this device to any Scene or Routine in the Classic app and testing nothing happens.

The Z-Wave interface and the virtual node shows as a device in the new app but when tapping on the device the device page does not load and neither the interface or virtual node appear as available devices when trying to create a scene. I am using Somfy Z-Wave Shades and Blinds Multi tile DH.

Thanks in advance for any help available.

I am curious about this one as well. I have not yet set up my Somfy controller but if you can’t use it in scenes or routines, what’s the point?