New ST App and Somfy Motorized Shades ZRTSII control

I was helping a friend to connect his Somfy motorized shades to a ZRTSII. I have done this on a few occasions in my own home without any issues but have been unsuccessful with his. The only real difference in our setups is that his hub is using the new ST App and mine is using the legacy app. I am able to control the shades from the ZRTSII, so I know the gateway pairing on the Somfy side is good.
Additionally I can see the “z” on the ZRTSII and was able to add the virtual nodes to the ST app but when you try and control any of the shades I get the following error: Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again (see image). Ideas anyone?

Use the classic app, the new app doesn’t support custom devices. That’s the error message Can't connect to device indicates.

He can download and install the classic app and login with this credentials, it’ll work fine

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So, it’s possible to switch to the legacy app after you have registered your hub to the new app?

There is no switch. If you have access to the new one, then you can actually use both. Just login to classic as an existing user with the same credentials.

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This worked!