Somfy/ZRTSI no longer working?

Recently my shades stopped responding via ST. My Somfy remote still works just fine, and my ZRTSI will control the shades via test mode.

I can’t think of any changes that would account for the problem, and it’s been a couple years since I set the ZRTSI up. How best to troubleshoot?

Mine still working fine. A year or more ago I had similar weirdness. Z-wave exclude and re-include, setup smartapps again, and all has been well since.

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Thanks Dlee - I’ll give that a shot tonight.

I was unable to exclude on the ZRTSI (V01 EXCLUDE FAIL). ZRTSI is two feet from the SmartThings hub. I’ve tried while in exclusion mode in SmartThings and I was able to force remove within the SmartThings interface. How do I force remove a virtual node in the ZRTSI without resetting the and losing everything?

Hello Sir

Somfy z wave to RTS controller instruction does not provide very good detail. If they can make video instruction and teach us between Somfy RTS to z-wave controller and z-wave controller to Samsung SmartThings app, I think it will let user easy to understand.

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