Cannot Connect D-Link Camera, Looks for Sonos instead?

I have a DCS-2132L Dlink camera which is all set up with Dlink and I can view it on their app. I am now trying to pull it into smartthings as well. I previously have achieved this but a lot has changed since then such as hub updates and adding a Sonos etc and it stopped working. So I reset the camera and I am once again in a situation where everything is set up with Dlink and I can view it on my account but when I got to ‘add existing’ camera in smartthings and it simply finds nothing!

Looking at the live log I get:

debug verifyCamera()= [ip:, port: 1400, mac : 5CAAFDA3B706], [ssdpPath : /xml/device_description.xml]

But that mac address and IP is my Sonos?? No idea why it repeatedly tries those details in particular but it is not the correct mac id or ip for my camera?

Any help would be appreciated!