Cannot Add Devices to New 2018 Hub After Replacing Old One

My hub is not recognizing any new devices… when I go to manually select a device I instantly get the attached screenshots. It doesn’t even try for a second, it immediately displays the error message:

“Couldn’t add device. You need a hub to connect to this device”

I was having issues with my classic hub so this is for the new 2018 one. I had to delete the old hub from my account in the control panel. I also set up a new location as I moved houses.

I have one location and one hub now, and this error message is making me think something is messed up with my account, it’s almost like it doesn’t think I have a hub by default? Also, while I was setting this new hub up I was able to connect to a lamp before I did the changes in the control panel. The lamp works flawlessly I can control it through the app and with Alexa.

So this is indeed weird!!

Do yourself a favor and install the Classic App. Use the Classic App to add/remove devices. Devices that need custom DTH do not work in the new Smart Connect App.

don’t use the graph link for the ide. Use Login there with your samsung credentials, go to locations and make sure there is only one. If so, click on the one and make sure there is a hub assigned to it.

OK @rontalley I opened the Classic App and indeed I was able to add my GE dimmer. What’s crazy is that my Classic App works great on the dimmer, but the new app can’t get a report from the device and is unable to control it. Does the new app not work with any custom device handlers at all maybe? Or could there be some weird thing going on where my custom device handlers in the console somehow aren’t tied to my new hub? Screenshots:

@prjct92eh2 thanks for the reply. So whenever I go to that link you sent ([]) it actually ends up redirecting me to the “” site. No matter which way I sign in I go to the graph site.

I did open it up and saw one location and one hub. Those screenshots are attached.



@rontalley thanks again for your reply, I still find it super strange that in the new app I immediately get that error every time I select adding a device manually. To me, that doesn’t seem related to me trying to join a device with a custom device handler or not. It seems like the big list of devices in the new app seem to be Smartthings kind of showing how many 100+ devices it supports out of the box without a custom device handler? I am expecting after I hit one of the devices they are advertising for it to at least try searching for a bit to find the device.

The new app is not ready for use in installations that have many devices, or if they require custom DTHs. I migrated to v3 using the classic app for everything except claiming the hub which requires the new one due to major changes on how that is done. You will not be missing out on anything. I would honestly move away from ST if I were forced to use the new app at this stage. I am still hoping it will morph SIGNIFICANTLY before they declare it at feature parity with the classic one. I have over 200 virtual/physical/C2C devices and the new app is totally unusable (or I am totally missing how to organize things in it).

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I would email support about the error. And stick to the classic app for now. But it would be good to get ahead of that error because eventually you will have to use the new app and with the V3 hub you are required to pick a device from that list in order to add it.

New App=Bad News and I absolutely hate it. Avoid it like the plague.

Thanks everyone, using the classic app totally fixed my issues :slight_smile: Simple! (Just my opinion here, but I doubt they would decommission classic until you can do custom device handlers, that would be insane I think!!) That is the true reason I recommend Smartthings, custom stuff like that and of course WebCore.