Cannot add devices, suddenly

I know there are a lot of moving parts with Edge migration, wondering if it is part of the issue. I cannot add any new devices on Hub v1. Via adroid app. It seems to just hang on preparing device. Ttied 3 differnt devices so far. I can still get into groovy but I dont know if yhat means anything on my hub migration status. Any ideas? Do I need a new Hub?


model number of hub? Because the v1 was shutdown a few years ago.

what device(s) are you attempting to add?

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Sorry maybe v2. App shows controller version 2.3.22-2

Adding Aeotec siren, Aeon range extender, and enbrighten outlet. All Zwave devices.

controller version is not related to the hub but that is not important.

let’s get back to the devices you are trying to add - brand/model?

Probably better if you forget about IDE at this point… if that is what you meant in regards “get into groovy”. Start using the community developed API Browser+.

You don’t need a new hub and do not reset your hub. :slight_smile:

for the Enbrighten outlet, check if this Edge driver supports it. If it does, click on the channel invitation and add it to your hub. Then exclude that device and try to add it back + Add Device > by brand > z-wave

for the aeotec siren try ST channel invite and install edge driver for z-wave siren.

exclude that device and try to add it back + Add Device > by brand > z-wave

for aeon range extender… same channel invite as above
install Zigbee Plugin Motion Sensor

exclude that device and try to add it back + Add Device > by brand > z-wave

bring devices near the hub

if you need info on Edge Drivers and the Transition, you can start here:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool?

Platform Transition FAQ

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exclude that device and try to add it back + Add Device > by device type > z-wave (do not use by Brand)

Device type = z-wave is no longer an option in latest android app. They are separated by Home appliance and Device/Sensor in the 'By Device Type" category.

I was using QR code or by Brand previously.


Ha ha it should be by brand > z-wave

I have a feeling I made that mistake earlier this week too

OK seems, exclude first is the key. Also I needed to Scan for nearby devices for the devices to be identified correctly. Scanning a Device as Zwave identified sirens as a generic Switch. The only remaining problem is the enbrighten outlet. It’s hard to move it close to hub as is a hard wired device not really too close. I had the same outlet in the same spot and it worked fine. Just not as a new device.


I had better luck adding the GE/Jasco Enbrighten outlets by adding by brand GE->Outlet->GE Z-Wave. If there are other wired Z-Wave devices in your network, you shouldn’t have to get the hub closer since the other devices will act as repeaters. For my newer Z-Wave Plus outlets, I had good luck scanning the QR code.

Also, the driver posted earlier is for dimmers and motion dimmers. You’ll want this one for outlets [ST Edge] Driver for GE/Jasco/Honeywell Z-Wave Switches, Dimmers, Fans, Outlets, and Plug-Ins.