Can you use a ADT Security hub and a standard hub?

I have just purchased a standard hub. As i live in New Zealand it is taking a while to arrive. Since i purchased it I have been doing some more research and found the ADT security hub and really like the look of the security hub and think it would be nice for the house entrance. I live in New Zealand so don’t have the monitored ADT service available. Is it possible to have the ADT hub and a standard hub set up together? or is there no point to this. Can everything (light, sound system, monitors etc) all run off of the ADT hub?

I don’t recommend getting the ADT-SmartThings Panel Hub unless you intend to use ADT Monitoring subscription. The ADT Panel has no unique functionality except to arm/disarm security based on the few specialized ADT Sensors. It does not provide any SmartThings view & control.

If you want a display and control Panel option for your house entrance, may I recommend ActionTiles?

You can run this on any Tablet (or phone). The Amazon Fire tablets are popular due to low price, but you could get a nicer tablet with the savings from not paying extra for ADT!

There’s a great Customer Gallery here:

Unfortunately, New Zealand has some of the strictest laws in the world regarding radiofrequency devices. Z wave is assigned different frequencies in different regions, in order to prevent interference with local mobile phone service and emergency communications like ambulance services.

New Zealand and Australia have their own frequency which is different from that of either the US or the UK. And it is illegal to operate other Z wave frequencies there. It is not uncommon for devices not certified for use there, such as the smartthings hub on either the US or UK frequency, to be seized at customs.

The ADT/SmartThings security panel can only be sold in the US because of both US and New Zealand restrictions.

I don’t know whether you ordered the UK version of the smartthings hub or the US version, but again, both would be illegal to import or operate in New Zealand, unfortunately. :disappointed_relieved:

There are a number of other good home automation controllers which are sold on the New Zealand frequency, including Zipato, homeseer, and Vera, so you might want to look into one of those.

In addition you might want to check out B One. They have been going in circles for the last couple years and since I jumped on SmartThings, I really stopped following them to see what they are doing now. I know units were shipped in India and I know on the website that they have a distributor in Australia / New Zealand so I don’t know if they have made multiple flavors of this hub or not. I originally followed the Kickstarter project and they supposedly shipped out units last year and they are available for purchase, but not much information other than that. This was something that I was looking at and hoping that it would come to the states as it looked like it had a lot of promise at the time. But who knows.

So if you want to check them out go here and get in touch with the distributor as well and see if they supply a hub for AU/NZ.

FYI - They are making another appearance at CES this year.

awesome…thanks heaps for your advice :grin:

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Wow i had no idea. I get used to not being able to ship directly to NZ so used the usual drop ship method but had no idea it was illegal. It is still in transit will wait to see if it is seized. thanks for the recommendation will check it out

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thanks heaps for the info i will look into them. :thinking: