Can you remove hubs after connecting the SmartThings?

I know this may be an elementary question that is probably found easily on the Internet, but I am having no luck finding an answer. All the tutorials I read and watch tell you how to connect other devices and hubs to SmartThings. However, it does not tell you what you can do with those hubs after connecting. For example, if you connect the Phillips Hue hub to SmartThings, can I then disconnect and remove the Phillips Hue hub from my router?

In the case of Hue the answer is no. The bridge needs IP connectivity to work, it needs to stay connected to your router so you can use the Hue app on your mobile device and so that ST can interact with it.

Hue can be used independently of ST, thousands use Hue without every even knowing about ST. By adding the Hue bridge to ST you make ST aware of it therefore allowing control via the ST app as well as enabling lighting as part of you home automation routines.

For example, you use an ST motion sensor, and the SmartLighting app to turn a light on between sunset and sunrise when motion is detected, the battery powered ST motion sensor tells ST ‘I saw motion’, ST then tells Hue (via IP) to turn a light on.

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Well to be clear, you can add Hue bulbs to ST without connecting the Hue bridge/hub… I originally connected my HUE bulbs to the Hue bridge/hub, but quickly found out I can connect directly to ST… so I dumped the Hue bridge/hub altogether.

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I disconnected my hue bulbs and hub as well. I hated having another hub in the loop. Hue just needs to make their products as a z-wave connection that will operate on any zwave hub, otherwise they are going to lose profitability on their bulbs and future products. Nobody likes a walled-off product line. Except Apple loving consumers, they seem to love being limited. I just don’t understand that kind of mind, I guess.

I think that’s a point though. There are plenty of people out there who just want lighting automation, Hue is a top seller and there are plenty of people happy to sit on their sofa and pull out a phone to change the bulb. Like yourself I’m not one of them, I find it odd, it all needs to be seamless in my mind. m

I’ve personally still have the bridge in place for a couple of reasons. I have a number of Hue Taps around the place, they’re mounted on blanking plates where the old switches used to be. They just work. I also have the reassurance that if there’s anything wrong with ST I can turn a light on using a switch. This alone has saved me numerous times and has prevented SAF from hitting negative values!

I also find Hue’s mesh bulletproof. It’s just reliable in a large house with old thick walls.

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