How to Remove Hue Bridge from SmartThings Hub

I need to remove my Hue bridge from my ST hub and add a different Hue bridge. I cannot figure how to do that? Internet searches have come up with nothing. I cannot find the Hue bridge in the ST app to delete it. I could remove the Hue drivers from the ST hub via the Samsung web interface, but not sure if that will remove the Hue bridge and plus I’m not sure how to add the Hue drivers back in.

Any ideas? Thanks!

I reset my SmartThings Hub and the SmartThings app still had the Hue devices in it. No option was presented when setting up the STH to choose which Hue Bridge to connect to. I’m deleted all the Hue devices by hand right now.

If anyone know how to disconnect my STH from the Hue Bridge please let me know. TIA

  • which ST hub do you have?
  • what steps did you take when resetting the ST hub?

first thought is to login to you hue account at

  • go to My Philips Hue System in the left-hand menu
  • tap on your location for your hue hub under My Homes
  • tap on your hue hub under My Devices
  • look in the All applications section
  • locate and remove your ST connections
  • reboot your ST hub and Hue hub

I’m not sure which Hue bridge I have. (If there is more than one). I have version three of the SmartThings hub. I reset the SmartThings hub a second time and deleted all the hue drivers from the smart things website and I was able to switch Hue Bridges. Thanks so much!