Can you pls suggest me a cloud ip cam with web access

Hello guys

I am looking for an outdoor ip cam.
I have full wifi coverage outdoor.
Unfortunately I can’t do anything on the router (port forwarding) but I want to access the camera from outside the wifi network. I was looking for a cloud based ip cam which will make me available a link with username and password embedded. Can you pls suggest me one?
Of course the webcam should also be seen under ST in order at least to get snaphots.
thanks a lot

You may look at the Dlink DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Wireless Day/Night Network Cloud Camera which works with SmartThings camera service and with the Dlink remote viewer app without needing to setup port forwarding. I have one and it is pretty good but the nighttime image quality isn’t great, would be better with a separate IR illuminator or just having a light on near it.

Hi Andy

Thanks for your message.
I was looking for a cheaper option :smile:
Basically I am planning to get me a weather webcam. Unfortunately it will have access to a separate wireless than the ST Hub and I would love to have it under Smarttiles. Therefore I need a cheap option that can give me decent quality image (both night and day) and that can be reached with a link with username and password embedded so that I can add it to smarttiles without using the ip address. Do you think such an option exist?
thanks again

Looks like the Dlink DCS-2332L is discontinued. I’m looking for a good outdoor camera that works with the new 2.0 hub as well…

Sorry, I meant the DCS-2330L

Hmm, can’t think of anything that fits all those requirements.

“Fast, cheap and good - pick any two”

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cheap… at the end of the day it’s only a weather cam!
the only important thing it that I can access it remotely without opening ports on the router or changing dns and that of course can be added to Smarttiles.