Alarm delays and multiple sirens


so i’m looking for something that seems like it should be very simple but can’t seem to do it.

We are installing a Schlage key code lock and we want to use it to disarm our Scout monitored SHM system.

Scout takes 45 seconds before responding (to be able to turn it off if it goes off) from what i can tell it would be fairly simple to set up the lock to change the mode using a virtual switch-- however the timing on it won’t be perfect and by the time we open the door the siren can/will most likely sound sometimes.

What i’d like to do is:
When door opens 10 seconds wait before anything happens with sirens (to allow time for the cloud to work)
From 10-45 seconds engage a “Beep” letting you know it’s still armed
at 45 seconds i want the siren to go off full blast and the system to alert scout.

We use the Dome sirens and ST multi sensors on doors

I think i can kludge this together to make that work-- but i’m not sure it will allow me to alert scout which is a big part of it.

Allowing this type of (fairly standard alarm behavior) in SHM would be awesome-- but if not nay ideas on how it could be accomplished? I really like ST for my home alarm system but its just not exactly there.

before anyone says anything about “just use geofencing” we spend a lot of time at neighbors houses and out in the neighborhood where the system may try to unlock/disarm. Also i don’t want the system disarming until i’m at the door. not when i’m still 1/2 a mile away…

let me know your thoughts



Hey Josh,
I’m from the Dome dev team, and I think there’s a pretty simple solution to what you’re asking. If you use the custom device handler that @krlaframboise wrote for us, in the settings there’s an “Alarm delay” that delays for a certain amount of time before the main siren is triggered. There’s also an “alarm delay beep” that beeps every few seconds so you know the Siren is going to go off unless you disarm the system.

Let me know if that helps!


will this delay work in conjunction with SHM and just delay the response for the siren?

That is correct - basically SmartThings will think it’s telling the Siren to turn on immediately, but because we changed that setting, the Siren will wait however long before actually sounding the Siren.

Edit: to clarify, SHM will alert you immediately that the door was tripped, but the actual sound won’t play until later.

this is perfect! you guys actually made SHM usable :slight_smile:

What about if I use it to chime when doors open? Will it be delayed or instant in that case?

=) Thank you!!

The chimes will be instant, delay is ONLY for the Siren.


Not the same equipment but somewhat of the same output, wanted a 45 second delay between contact trip and SMH alarm, created virtual switch “Alarm Countdown” and a “The uDTH” switch with switch input and a motion outpoint called “Alarm Trigger”. Created 2 CoRE pistons, “Alarm Countdown” and “Alarm Trigger”

  1. When door sensor opens CoRE piston turns on Alarm Countdown switch (simple if contact opens then turn on switch), waits 45 seconds and then executes Alarm Trigger piston, you can also have it turn on a light, sound a doorbell (which is what I do) or whatever during the 45 seconds to let you know its about to set off SHM.
  2. Alarm Trigger piston checks to see if Alarm Countdown is still on and I have it also check to see if SHM security is still set to ARM and if both switch on the Alarm Trigger switch (which SHM monitors as a motion sensor and the only switch it looks for), if you want to prevent the SHM from alarm triggering then you create something to turn off the “Alarm Countdown” switch prior to the 45 seconds (I have a keypad) or disarm the system via the app, I also added pistons to reset the Alarm Countdown switch to off after a few minutes, the uDTH has a setting to automatically do that.

As an additional step I created a custom SHM task that sends a push notification on any door opening event during ARM. I get this as it happens for 2 reasons, to let me know the alarm countdown is started and to let me know which sensor tripped, with SHM security monitoring the single switch/motion Alarm Trigger switch when the actual SHM alarm is tripped it only says “Intrusion Alarm Trigger” vs the actual sensor tripped…

For my setup I use the virtual alarm for Away and have SHM handle the alarm when I am Home via its normal settings…as I want to know as it happens at night and if I’m away 9 out of 10 times I trigger the alarm so the 45 seconds gives me time to prevent the siren from going off